Western Themed Original, Hand Sketched Artwork

A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Author Book Marketing presents Author, Painter of Horses, Chuck DeHann releases The Makin' of a Cowboy Evangelist, Fort Worth - Texas.

In his mid-twenties, a drifter, in search of purpose in his life, Eric is a young cowboy. He seeks to fill the emptiness that he feels in his soul and has questions that are burning deep within him. 

Stumbling upon a bookstore and a Bible, and with the help of a friendly clerk, his questions get answered. He has found a new friend, the Bible and God! Coupled with original, hand-sketched artwork by the author, each chapter leads the reader on the adventure of a lifetime. Eventually finding his life purpose, this delightful read reveals God’s amazing love for all His creation and invites you to begin on your own God adventure.

As a Horse Trainer, Rodeo Contestant, cutting and reining horse trainer, Chuck DeHaan’s book sheds light
on God’s salvation through His Word, the Bible. 

Showcasing the Bible and the great peace that is available to everyone through Jesus Christ, this book is captivating and inspiring with a Western theme throughout. 

Well-written and fast-paced, readers will enjoy this young man’s search for true meaning in life.

Get The Makin' of a Cowboy Evangelist at Amazon or in Kindle. You may see Chuck’s paintings at his site, Chuck DeHaan


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