Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Running the race, and running it well

The Kingdom of God is like a race. Only the well-trained, focused athletes keep their eye on the prize and do well. Satan is a master deceiver. For one to wage war and see clearly with spiritual vision, one must know the tactics of his or her enemy.

A must read. Margie Fleurant presents, Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Visiongiving practical Biblical wisdom and understanding to help readers focus on their Kingdom destiny and win the race!

Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision is for every mature Christian that seeks to do the will of God and hear, “Well done my true and faithful servant.” 

A powerful and eye-opening book, author, founder and president of The River Ministries speaks truth to readers and builds up the Body of Christ through identifying the distractions in one’s life that disarm individuals from finding God’s plan and purpose for their lives. 

Understand the top ten distractions that hinder an individual’s spiritual walk;
Overcome and combat distractions, false beliefs and bring right heart attitudes;
Discern the spiritual atmosphere and find peace in God;
Discover your role and destiny in the Kingdom of God;
Find strength and joy in putting your hope in Christ.

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