A CBM Press Release - My Sons Are Jewish - The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Author Paula Clayman

( A Christian Book Marketing Press Release )
October 27, 2011

My Sons Are Jewish - The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Author Paula Clayman

ISBN# 978-0-7684-3906-9
Adapted from book review

Author Paula Clayman releases My Sons Are Jewish - The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. A must-read for every Christian practicing the Judeo-Christian faith. Enlightening, unique and enriching this book will not only lay the foundation for the Christian faith, but gives insight and thorough understanding of the Jewish people and their prominence in history. With this book you will find an increased faith in God, a deeper appreciation for God and His love for the Jewish people. A profound appreciation for His chosen people is also keenly acquired through this informative book.

Author Paula Clayman invites the reader on a journey to discover, not only the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and answers the question of "Who is a Jew", but additionally, she delivers a noteworthy book by giving the reader God's plan of salvation to humanity through the Jewish people. Without the knowledge of the love of God towards the Jewish people and knowledge of the covenant given to Abraham and how all people of the world be blessed through that promise, recognition of who the Jewish people are would be severely lacking. Distinctive and impressive, this book is an absorbing and fascinating easy-read that gives a comprehensive history of the Jewish heritage and lineage. Without this heritage and lineage of the Jewish people, it would be easy to miss the love, dedication and reason to pray for Israel and why God's chosen people are at the very core of Christianity.

Rich with scripture and history, the author masterfully weaves the divine thread that connects Christian believers and Jews alike to the Messiah thereby establishing the Jewish lineage and heritage. The book begins first with a detailed biblical overview of God's plan of salvation to humanity through Adam. However, God's plan of salvation did not stop with the fall of Adam in the garden, but continued through to Noah, then through Abraham and on to Judah and then ultimately through David and the Davidic throne of David.

This book is paramount in understanding the role that the Jewish people play in God's plan of salvation. The author shares her vast knowledge of the subject of the Jewish lineage through many years of studying the scriptures, The Torah and many other books. She shares openly with the readers that her husband and sons are also Jewish which led her on this journey to discover their Jewish roots and hers as well, being a Christian.

This book is also a very powerful scriptural teaching that gives biblical insight into the truth of God's word, His love of His chosen people and how all people of the world are blessed through that Promise given to Abraham. A highly recommended must-read book for every Christian or Jewish person seeking a deeper relationship and walk with God.

For more information visit http://www.paulaclayman.com/
A Christian Book Marketing Press Release


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