Powerful And Effective Book Trailers Without The Thousand Dollar Price Tag

Without mentioning the site and I know that 99.999% of all authors would know that site by name, I just a few days ago decided to check out their services and prices with book trailers running between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 ... OUCH!

Authors, do not spend that kind of money on a book trailer unless you just have to make a personal statement and need the write off. Why?

Well for one, how many books, taking cost into account, would you have to sell to recoup that kind of money? Bye-Bye royalties.
A book trailer should be affordable, powerful and effective without paying some over-rated price. Don't be taken advantage of.

Most viewers are not interested in the Grammy style book trailer with the latest and greatest effects. They are looking to take a peek into your book, not be swallowed up in some intense movie trailer.

Over-kill. Don't try to come off as some #1 best selling author because book lovers are just not that easily fooled.

That kind of money would be better spent on more effective author promotions and book marketing like a book review, press release, book trailer and some expanded online marketing for around the same price or less.

If you are looking for an affordable, effective, yet powerful book trailer contact Christian Book Marketing. They can produce a cost effective book trailer that will share your book with book lovers without the over-rated price. They also have the ability to use your book trailer as a powerful marketing tool and get you some expanded book exposure.
You can email them at kingdomexpansion1@gmail.com .

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