Christian Book Marketing Ideas

Here are some basic must do's that I recommend to all authors with regards to marketing their books, both Christian and secular.
1st: You must have a Authors Website or blog that showcases you as a author, your book, that shares about your book, where and how to order it and how to contact you as author.
2nd: You must have a professional book review service review your book and write a professional book review. Here is a hint, make sure that you use a Christian Book Review service and not a secular book review service.
3rd: You must create a online presence so that book lovers can find you and your book. This is where your authors website or blog comes into play, however, you must market your site also. While you can perform some of the marketing yourself by joining various author book related sites, you must also set a budget aside for a book marketing campaign.
4th: Authors business cards and book markers are another great marketing tool. Be sure to place your book title, ISBN number, and website address on them along with other information. I recomend starting with Vista Print.
5th: Creating and marketing. Let me say that again. Creating and MARKETING a book trailer that showcases your book in another powerful way to promote and market your book.
6th: You must pursue book signings at local bookstores, churches and wherever God may open doors for you. I also recommend that you study up on how to put on a great book signing and one that is designed to attract book lovers while also impressing the bookstore management at the same time. A well planed successful book signing event can open further doors for additional book signing events.
7th and most important. Do your homework before you put your plans into motion.

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