Online Book Promotions For The Christian Author

Where does a first time author start when they are promoting their books online? If you have self published chances are you have a authors page. However, having a single authors page or being on Amazon is just a small part of the equation.

Here are 9 things to consider for the self published and self promoting author. The 1st five are the most important and must be well thought out, planed and put into motion. You must have a vision.

1) A Authors Website
2) A Authors Blog
3) A Authors Page
4) A Book Trailer
5) Book Reviews
6) Joining Author Related Networks
7) Building Your Own Network
8) Having A 1 Year Marketing Plan That You Put Into Motion 1 Step At A Time
9) Paid Book Marketing Promotions

For the Christian author visit Christian Book Marketing for more information about online author promotions and book marketing.

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