November Blessings For Christian Authors

We are offering extended online author media site and book promotions for Christian authors, which includes the following:

1) A cover shot of your book release with a link back to your author site
2) The title of the book (above the book cover)
3) The authors name (below the book cover)
4) A content post that again shares the book cover, the title, the authors name, book description and with a link back to the authors site

What are the benefits?

1) Expanded and targeted marketing within a established Christian Network of sites.
2) Prime front page advertising.
3) National and worldwide exposure.
4) Dramatically increases your online presence.
5) Will help to increase your page ranking.
6) 1 full year of marketing.
7) You get the expanded book marketing that you deserve.

For further information email us at:
Author Media Site Promotions & Book Marketing

Authors & Writers Expand Into New Horizons

Expanding your online marketing can definitely increase your chances of book sales plus create a online presence for you as a author. Target marketing is very important. Many authors find themselves joining author communities, however consider this. Most authors write and publish books and only purchase some selected writings.

The key to expanding your marketing is choosing your market.

If you are a Christian Author, you want to market your book to other Christians. If you wrote a book about cars, you want to marketing your book to car lovers. If you wrote a book about health, you want to market your book where people are into health.

While associating with other authors, sharing information and getting input from other authors is very helpful, that is not how a author wants to market his or her books and is not priority marketing target.

You must think author media site marketing and the language of book marketing.

Authors, get the online marketing you deserve at Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Authors, Expand Into New Markets

Looking to expand your book marketing inti new markets and additional communities. Here are some additions that you can add to your author media site through membership and also expand your book marketing and author media site into other horizons.

Blog Catalog
Good Reads
The Authors Club
Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Author Media Blogs

Having trouble designing your author media site? Maybe your lacking in creating a banner for your blog or getting the book cover photo just right. Maybe you have never built a professional author media site or don't have the time to learn how.

Regardless of the reasons that may be holding you back as a author. Having a author media site is very important. If you need some help or assistance in creating a great author media site, contact us. We can assist you.

Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Creating A Author Book Site

As a author, you must promote your new book. You can't expect your publisher to do all the promotions work. Publishers publish books and this is especially the case with self publishing.

So what are just a few basic ways to promote your book.

1) You must have a author media & book site
2) You must advertise and market your site.
3) You must create interesting content on your site.
4) You must showcase your book cover & book description.
5) You must have a authors page.
6) You must link with a few other sites of interest.
7) You must have a book order section or page.
8) You must have a contact section of page.
9) You must work to get your site ranked and create a online presence.

The above are simple basics when creating a author media site. Of course if you view some other author media sites, you will find some additional ideas and visions to adapt to your site.

If you are in the process of creating a author / book site and need some assistance, contact us at as we can assist you.

A Author Must Think Marketing

If you've published a book with a POD publisher, half the work is done. Now you have to market your books and that is just as important as writing and publishing a book.

Maybe you've paid for the 25,000 online bookstore promotion package. OK, cool your in the data base, along with millions of other author's and books. Maybe you've paid for the national and international promotions package. That's great, now your again among the millions and millions of online books.

Have you Googled your books title, or maybe your name and found that your book is found on the search engines? That's great, however in all honesty does anyone other than you, your publisher and a few friends know the name of your book or who you are? Let's be honest, if your a first time author or a unknown author, who's going to search for your book by it's title or your name as the author?

As a author, you must market yourself and your book. That's where having a author media site becomes your starting point. You can showcase your book, a description of your book, your author description, some interesting things about yourself, share important links and share your contact information and where and how book lovers can order your book.

Provided that you can order your books from your publisher at a author's discount. Then you can sell them right from you're authors site and the profits by far exceed royalties.

Your author's media site becomes your online worldwide business card. It is where people can find you, read about your book, you as the author, about local book signings and whatever other interesting information and content you provide. Without your own personal website, or authors blog, your just another book and author among the millions and millions found online.

Some author's join every book club they can find, sign every guest book they can and join other author communities hoping that this will bring book sales. However, in the end, this usually proves to be a lot of work with very little results.

If your looking for some assistance in creating a author's site and marketing your site and book, contact us at , we can help you get online, jump started and get you the online exposure that you deserve.