Creating A Author Book Site

As a author, you must promote your new book. You can't expect your publisher to do all the promotions work. Publishers publish books and this is especially the case with self publishing.

So what are just a few basic ways to promote your book.

1) You must have a author media & book site
2) You must advertise and market your site.
3) You must create interesting content on your site.
4) You must showcase your book cover & book description.
5) You must have a authors page.
6) You must link with a few other sites of interest.
7) You must have a book order section or page.
8) You must have a contact section of page.
9) You must work to get your site ranked and create a online presence.

The above are simple basics when creating a author media site. Of course if you view some other author media sites, you will find some additional ideas and visions to adapt to your site.

If you are in the process of creating a author / book site and need some assistance, contact us at as we can assist you.

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