Expanded Author Promotions & Book Marketing

It's 2010! Time to start putting your book marketing program together. Promoting your book is a must and especially for the self published author. Even author's using Print On Demand publishers that paid for the national and international marketing packages will soon find out that they are a nameless, faceless person among millions of books in online search data basis that will prove to be fruitless. Author's you must market your books and do not depend on your publisher to do your marketing.

We are offering extended online author media site and book promotions for Christian authors, which includes the following:

1) A cover shot of your book release with a link back to your author site
2) The title of the book (above the book cover)
3) The authors name (below the book cover)
4) A content post that again shares the book cover, the title, the authors name, book description and with a link back to the authors site

What are the benefits?

1) Expanded and targeted marketing within a established Christian Network of sites.
2) Prime front page advertising.
3) National and worldwide exposure.
4) Dramatically increases your online presence.
5) Will help to increase your page ranking.
6) 1 full year of marketing.
7) You get the expanded book marketing that you deserve.

For further information email us at: kingdomexpansion1@gmail.com
Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Here are some sites of interest to further help you promote and market your books.

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